Swivel Coupler for 2" Square Tube

SKU: 99202000



Bushtec Swivel Coupler  
Will fit inside a 2" square neck tube, 11 gage steel
Shown with optional 1-7/8" coupler and safety chains
Comes with mounting hardware
Comes with grease fitting
  • A Swivel coupler will allow trailers to stay upright even on the most extreme turns. Because the coupler allows for complete 360° independent movement. Giving riders the freedom to ride restriction free.
  • The swivel coupler allows riders to take the most extreme turns without jackknifing or binding on the ball. A swivel offers a smoother towing experience for large or heavily loaded trailers.
  • It also protects your bike and your trailer in case the bike happens to tip over. Without a swivel, the tongue or hitch can be twisted and damaged. With a swivel in place, you'll just need to pick up your bike, wipe the embarrassed look off your face, and ride on.
  • The swivel design allows for the ultimate experience on a bike. Worried about towing a trailer ruining your style and experience? The swivel allows you to keep the thrill of leaning into turns and in fact, is the only proper way to ride. Leaning into turns is essential to ride a motorcycle safely.
  • Normal hitches restrict movement to 30°. This restriction does not allow riders to lay their motorcycle down in an emergency. While taking turns with a normal hitch the trailer generates upward forces that can affect the stability of the rider. Sometimes these forces lead to flipping the trailer and motorcycle.

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