Bushtec is known for offering the safest and highest quality motorcycle trailers on the road today. Here at Bushtec, we have to ask: Why do motorcycles get to have all the fun? A little known fact is that Bushtec Performance Sport Trailers can be hauled by passenger vehicles. With our lightweight materials, stable construction and added hauling capacity, Bushtec trailers are ideal for travel.

While sports cars are fun to drive, they don’t offer sufficient storage space. Unfortunately, the average storage capacity in the trunk of a sports car is 6 cubic feet. With up to with 32 cu. ft. of storage capacity, there is plenty of room for luggage in a Bushtec. The issue of hauling your fun car behind your practical vehicle is now over. Now you can drive your sports car rather than haul it.

Many compact car owners have found Bushtec to be a sensible alternative to roof racks and U-Haul trailers. While many have traded the roominess of an SUV for the fuel efficiency of a smaller car, travel plans are often foiled by a lack of luggage space. 

All Bushtec trailers are designed to be towed by all motor vehicles: motorcycles, small cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks. Made of durable lightweight fiberglass to reduce gas consumption, Bushtec trailers are a practical alternative to the heavy steel construction of competitors. The aerodynamic, lightweight design assures high fuel efficiency even for the smallest of cars.