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Why Buy Bushtec Performance Sport Trailers?

Every Bushtec trailer is equipped with cutting-edge safety and performance features. Investing in a Bushtec trailer is investing in unmatched quality and performance of which you can be proud. All Bushtec's trailers are made right here in Jacksboro,  TN, USA.

All Bushtec Trailers feature:  No-Bounce Air Ride Suspension, 360-Degree Heim Joint Coupling, Factory Custom Colormatching, Large Diameter 16" Wheels, Sealer Wheel Bearings, and 6 Ply Heavy Duty Tires.

Motorcycle Trailer Air-Ride Suspension

About Our Company

Bushtec is the leading manufacturer of pull-behind motorcycle trailers.

Bushtec is known for the best performing, highly engineered motorcycle traielrs and hitches on the road, with safety, style, and top quality fit and finish you will find nowhere else. Our touring trailers feature no-bounce air ride suspension and a 360-degree swivel joint, acting in concert with your vehicle so you won't even know you're hauling cargo.

Plus, we make top quality hidden motorcycle hitches for hundreds of American and import motorcycles, custom painting, AND parts and accessories to customize your own trailer.

Bushtec Performance Sport Trailers

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