Bushtec offers different model trailers that match in color and match in style with a lot of popular brands of motorcycles. From Harley-Davidson, Goldwings, and BMW’s – we have a trailer that looks and performs great behind your favorite ride. 

Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

Hauling your cargo around behind your motorcycle is really the ultimate goal of hooking one up in the first place. It’s the type of cargo that you decide to put in there is where you want to get the right one for your needs. Camping gear is really that heavy or bulky. 

A trailer that you can tow with your motorcycle and put your cargo in (as opposed to a trailer you put your motorcycle in) is commonly referred to as simply a motorcycle cargo trailer.   

*the open bed cargo trailer in the picture above has been unfortunately discontinued. Waterproofing turned out to be a customer demand.

group of riders pulling trailers behind motorcycles

Let’s talk about the motorcycle trailer suspensions for a quick minute. 20-30% of you motorcycle’s cost goes into a high quality, high performance, and smooth riding suspension. You maintain the shocks, bearings, and everything that goes into owning and riding  smooth ride. 

We here at Bushtec take the same approach with our Motorcycle Trailer Suspensions that the big motorcycle manufacturers do. We don’t use cheap, underperforming parts that easily break and don’t offer much performance. Your ride should be just as smooth with a trailer in tow as it does without one. This mission guides all our decisions in design, parts, and manufacturing of the highest performing trailers available on the market. 

Our “No-Bounce” air ride suspension doesn’t just have that name and not live up to it. 


 Pet Friendly Motorcycle Trailer: Tow Tow

What’s better than riding your motorcycle? Riding with your 4-legged best friend on your motorcycle! Other than that, can’t seem to think of anything better.

Enter the Tow Tow Trailer.

Designed specifically for the Dogs that love to ride as much as you do, the Tow Tow can keep your best friends safe and happy on the road. 

The opening’s have edging your dogs head comes through that protects them and can hold up to a little gnawing. Not that your dog would chew on anything…

And when they are not catching some wind, there’s plenty of room on the inside to lay down and take a little road nap. 

Your dogs in the Tow-Tow get to enjoy that open road feeling just as much as you do! 

dog riding in bushtec pet lid trailer

 Small Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

Smaller motorcycles look silly with a huge trailer getting towed behind them. They really do! So when you have a small-to-medium-sized motorcycle, the trailer should be smaller and lighter too. multiple pull-behind trailer options

Large Pull Behind Trailers for Trikes and Small Cars

With a Trike or a small car, you can haul a larger pull behind trailer behind your bike/car without the concerns that a 2-wheeler has when pulling a trailer. Stopping it being one of the biggest concerns, you can tow a heavier and bigger trailer with a trike or a car. And we can match the paint on your tow vehicle of choice too. 

Here are some examples of our Bushtec trailers being towed with sports cars:  


Used or Pre-Owned Pull Behind Trailers for Sale

While we do sell the best, highest quality motorcycle trailers on the market today, sometimes we get trade-ins. Some bikers want to upgrade to a new model, and some bikers retire from riding and don’t want to hassle with selling their “slightly used” trailer on the open market. 

For this reason, we do buy and sell used pull behind motorcycle trailers. Check out the current inventory here →