Tire 3.00-16 6PR KENDA

SKU: 99211000





Tire is 6 ply and is difficult to change without a machine.

Each tire requires a tube (sold separately) Part # 99218000

This tire has the original Bushtec tread pattern. They are a non-directional tires.  In comparison to past Bushtec tires, they have a considerably longer tread life. OE tire for replacement on your Turbo, Turbo+2, Roadstar, Genesis, Quantum Sport, Quantum GL, Entourage or Tow Tow.

NOTE: The Ultimate model requires a 2.50x16 tire as it cannot accommodate the 3.00x16 tire. 

Bushtec recommends that you replace both tires. This also ensures a smooth ride and prolongs the life of the tires. 

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