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Try the Ultimate Trailer Jack RDJ-2K Trailer Jack on your boat trailer, four-wheeler trailer, jet ski trailer, lawn mower trailer, farm equipment, camper trailer, utility trailer and cargo trailer. The trailer jack retracts flush with bottom of trailer eliminating potential damage to the jack and the trailer as a result of hang-ups or snags while crossing uneven terrain. A mounting bracket may be welded or bolted onto the trailer jack. The easy grip handle on the trailer jack allows for safer and easier cranking.

  • Quick release locking pin allows for faster operation of the trailer jack
  • All metal construction for value and durability
  • Interior roller bearings for product performance, easier cranking power and trailer jack longevity
  • 2000 lb. lift capacity
  • Zinc-coated trailer jack for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Rapid quick release adjustment saves time
  • 14 in. of rapid adjustments with seven available height settings
  • Pre-drilled for optional foot pad or wheel
  • In addition to the rapid adjustments, there is an additional 14 in. available by cranking the handle
  • No extra blocks needed under trailer jack to gain extra height
  • Easy grip handle for safe cranking
  • Retracts flush with the bottom of the trailer to eliminate potential damage to the jack and trailer

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