Bushtec Supports St. Jude Children's Hospital with Coffee Sales
We are doing something amazing here at Bushtec Trailers. We are now selling coffee with 100% of the profits going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

For those who many not know, our salesman Todd's daughter Riley is a St. Jude's patient and has been since 2010, so this is personal for us here at Bushtec. Having a child with cancer is one of the hardest things any parent can face and Riley would not be here without the care she received at St. Jude's. They operate 100% from donations, so please buy some coffee or donate directly. Riley's story is below.

On May 14, 2010, the Mozingo family heard words that no parents want to hear. Their daughter Riley had a brain tumor and was being admitted to the hospital right away. She had her first surgery a few days later and was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor.

Riley was then sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. St. Jude’s then decided another surgery was needed to remove the tumor. Riley began chemotherapy there, but the tumor was aggressive and doubled in size. Riley has since then had ten surgeries, one and half years of chemotherapy, and six weeks of radiation.

Riley still has a brain tumor, and she works very hard every day to live her best life. The family is very thankful they were sent to St. Jude’s because not only did they save Riley's life, but they never sent a bill for their services.

It is true that St. Jude’s patients never pay for any treatment they receive there. St. Jude’s patients receive free medical treatment, housing, and free meals every day that they are at St. Jude’s. While kids are at St. Jude’s they receive all medical care necessary to help them recover from cancer (therapies, screenings, MRIs) and St. Jude’s never gives the family a bill. While St. Jude’s does have hospital beds, and they do admit kids when needed, most will stay in the Tri-Delta house.

The Tri-Delta house is run like a hotel so the young patients don't feel like they are stuck in a hospital room. The stay at Tri-Delta is free. St. Jude’s gives each family a meal card, so they can eat in the cafeteria for free. And this is not your typical hospital cafeteria. They have everything a kid could want from pizza and hot dogs to ice cream and cupcakes.

St. Jude’s has an amazing staff, and they really go above and beyond to make sure the kids are happy. Riley and her family have been going to St. Jude’s for twelve years and have never once received a bill.

We can honestly say from experience that all donations help the hospital operate each day and help more children like Riley.

Thank you for your purchase and your donation.

Todd Mozingo and Family

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