Why are Motorcycle Trailers Sexy?

I hate being sexy, but I’m a biker, so I can’t help it. -Most Bikers

Trailers for vehicles have been around for a long time. If you are planning to purchase one for your motorcycle, you can find a good many options online. But you are here at Bushtec, and we proudly say that our trailers are the best.

While not all trailers are worth your money, we can help you find the one that’s right for you. First though, what makes motorcycle trailers so popular?

If you want to explore the outdoors, you buy one. If you want to carry something from one place to another, you buy one. These motorcycle trailers are lightweight, small and usually as much wide as your motorcycle. 

And then there's this guy Paul Yaffe of Bagger Nation. Paul’s Bike “Game Over” pulls a custom Bushtec Trailer outfitted with 14,000 Watts of Rockford Fosgate Speakers and Sound. Sexy...

What's to Love About Motorcycle Trailers?

Now, before you buy a motorcycle trailer, do note that they may have some restrictions. For instance, depending on the country you live, you may be subjected to a maximum width or maximum speed limit. The maximum speed in the U.K., for one, is 96 km/h. In France, the length and width of the motorcycle trailer is restricted to 4 m and 2 m respectively. 

Further, there could be additional rules as well depending on where you’re riding. In Switzerland, you cannot have any passengers on the trailers. 

Here is a look at what you will love about them.

Extra Storage Space

Motorcycles have little storage space. Except a few small things, it doesn’t have the place to fit anything extra. This poses problems for people who are traveling long distance and want to carry additional items with them. And that’s where the pull behind trailer comes in the picture. It lets you carry extra things with you without any hassles. Quite convenient, isn’t it?


Pull behind trailers are usually made of material such as fiberglass. We want the trailer to be lightweight so we can pull it easily for lengthy distance. A trailer that’s too heavy will decrease the speed of your motorcycle. However, make sure that the trailer isn’t too light. This will cause problems as well. A trailer that’s too light will be difficult to control and might sway a lot. 

Much-needed Protection

Pull behind trailers are made of lightweight yet stable material. Your items are protected well with the trailer. Be it rain or shine or any harsh weather, they won’t get damaged. The trailers generally come with compartments and are locked securely. All your important stuff are safe in the trailer. 

Easy to Pull

Learning to pull a trailer is easy and not rocket science. Anyone who has basic knowledge of riding motorcycles would be able to pull it perfectly. However, some precautions are to be taken while you are riding with a pull behind trailer. 

Riding with a trailer changes the whole way you handle motorcycles. Make sure that amateur riders gain much confidence and expertise and get adapted to this attachment before actually taking it on roads. 

Match the Look of Your Motorcycle

Gone are the days when the pull behind trailers used to ruin the look of the motorcycles. They used to look funny and unattractive and this caused many riders to shy away from using them. But now the times have changed. 

These days the trailers are designed in a way that matches the look of your motorcycle. They come in attractive shapes and designs, thus providing your motorcycle with that attractive and quirky look.

Be sure to wear your coolest motorcycle helmet with a trailer like this one behind you.


Types of Pull Behind Trailers

Cargo Trailers

This is your basic two-wheeled trailer. Made of stable material such as aluminum or fiberglass, this trailer will help you carry that extra stuff that you usually can’t with your motorcycle. Fully enclosed and with the ability to be properly locked, these trailers protect your belongings from theft and harsh weather conditions

Dog Trailers

Do you have a pet (be it dog, cat or even a hamster) that you want to carry with you long distance? Dog trailers are here to help you with that. These trailers are properly ventilated with great comfort. Take your pets wherever you want.

Open Trailers

These trailers are meant to carry heavy and bulky items. However, unlike the enclosed trailers, these are open and hence doesn’t provide protection from the unruly weather. But if the weather permits, you can carry a lot of items with you.

Camping Trailers

These trailers are ideal for camping trips. If you love to go on long road trips, these trailers would prove to be a blessing in disguise for you. Compact and lightweight, it’s like taking your home with you whenever you go. 


Are Pull-Behind Motorcycles Trailers Safe?

If you are skeptical about how safe these pull behind trailers are, don’t worry. With a little bit of experience, you can easily ride with these trailers for any distance. These trailers are built for your comfort and safety and serves their purpose quite well. 

The question is, what should be the right weight that these trailers can carry? Ideally, the weight loaded on these trailers shouldn’t be more than half of the weight of your motorcycle. Riding with too heavy weight can cause problems with the balance of motorcycle and there is a chance that your motorcycle might even trip over. Just like any other case of driving on roads, taking necessary caution is vital so that you don’t get into any accident or unpleasant situation.

A pull behind trailer is a great addition to your motorcycle and comes with so many benefits. The trailer makes carrying things super easy for you particularly if you are traveling long distance. Even though driving with the trailer is simple, we would advise to gain experience by driving around with these trailers in your neighborhood before you actually decide to take them on road. Having ample experience is important. If you don’t feel comfortable riding with the trailer, you should take some time getting more practice with it.

Here are a few more pics of Paul’s Custom Trailer to drool over.

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