Who Really Pulls Tow Behind Motorcycle Trailers

You might have seen riders pulling a tow behind motorcycle trailer and wondered why do they do that! As it turns out, many people are confused about the role of tow behind trailers and the purpose they serve. So we are going to tell you exactly who really pulls these trailers and how they can help you!


What Makes Someone Pull a Tow Behind Motorcycle Trailer?

You don’t really need to scratch your head too hard to answer this simple question! Motorcycles have very little space to store your belongings, and you might need some extra storage space when you are riding long distances or taking a cross-country trip. Even if you have a motorbike with storage space, it can only hold a few essential items and nothing more!

This creates a number of problems for people who are on the road for a number of days. Thankfully, you can take the help of motorcycle trailer to safely store your belongings and carry it along with you. These trailers also keep your belongings secured, while treading on the highways and when parked in a busy city area.

You will see many people pulling our tow behind motorcycle trailers. Do you want to know who they are? Let’s find out!

Motorcyclists Who Really Ride

You know that motorcycle trailers provide the much-needed storage space which motorcycles lack. So any person who wants to carry some belonging or luggage takes the help of a tow-behind motorcycle trailer. You can also carry your items without worries using a motorcycle trailer and forget fumbling with large bags and ropes needed to secure your belongings. 

Tow behind motorcycle trailers come in different sizes and you can choose one that matches your needs and your unique motorcycle style.

Delivery or Pickup Crew

In many countries, tow behind motorcycle trailers serves as an economical option for pulling cargos. You may also see handmade or DIY trailers used to carry cargo in many developing countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, and India. The trailers help carry goods from one place to another in a simple way. 

You can also purchase cargo trailers made of aluminum or fiberglass to hook up with your motorcycle. These are durable and can help you carry considerable weight based on the capacity of your motorcycle. You can also find open or utility flatbed pull trailers, or pull behinds with single axle to tow behind your bike. We don’t recommend these types of trailers for a lot of reasons, but some bikers do use them.

Adventurists and Explorers

When you are touring for several days or weeks, you need to have your luggage with you. Unfortunately, your favorite motorcycle will not offer the required space to carry your luggage. Tow behind motorcycle trailers become the favorable option in such cases, helping you carry your luggage wherever you go. 

You can carry more luggage on trailers compared to saddlebags which are also not secure enough (everyone has the same set of keys!). There’s also no concern about your bike losing balance, as the luggage is towed on the trailer instead of the bike. 


What do you take with you to camping? Sure, the list can go on. 

If you are going out camping and are looking for an easy way to cook, you could be looking for a stove. Camping involves a lot of activities and you wouldn’t want to waste time cooking. However, that’s not the only thing you need to look for. 

The best way to enjoy nature is to camp out in the open! Many riders love to take long vacations traveling to far corners of the country for some adventure and excitement. Even if you find a hotel or hostel for lodging at such remote places, you wouldn’t want to try one out. It just doesn’t have the same feel.

Tow behind motorcycle trailers are an ideal option for carrying your camp around. In fact, specialized motorcycle camping trailers are also available to meet the needs of wanderlust-prone souls!

You can get yourself a clamshell trailer where the fabric is attached to the base and top – like our old Bunkhouse Trailers. Just open the trailer to automatically pitch your tent whenever you need it. We’ve got a new camping trailer coming out very soon that you’re going to want to see also.

You can also go for a platform camping trailer if you like to do things yourself. The trailers just provide you with a base and you need to pitch your own tent. 

Pet Lovers

Animal lovers don’t like to leave their pets at home when they are out having fun! So how do you carry your pet along? The answer lies in using tow behind motorcycle trailers which are specially designed to carry your pet. 

You can get yourself a dog trailer or a pet trailer and safely take your pet on your adventures. The trailers are meant to carry pets safely and comfortably and come fully enclosed. They are also well ventilated so that your pet never faces any issues. 

The trailers also have good suspension to ensure a smooth ride for your furry friends!

Vagabonds & Nomads

Home prices are skyrocketing with each passing day making it difficult for people to own properties. Many people have already made the choice to live on the road. 

You might be surprised to know that you can do the same with a tow behind motorcycle trailer. Of course, you can’t expect to carry a full-size trailer home- it needs to be something lightweight and compact. That being said, many people or individuals tow caravans or small structures on motorcycle trailers that serve as mobile homes. 

You might need a powerful motorcycle upwards of 1,000 CC to pull your home effectively. Some ideal motorcycles for the purpose may include Harleys, Triumphs, Yamaha MT10, and the Honda Goldwing. 


Final Thoughts

There’s no restriction on who can pull a tow behind motorcycle trailer. Anyone who needs the extra space is free to pack a weeks worth of gear or more for the road.

You can choose from a range of trailers to meet your needs whether it’s carrying cargo or your beloved pet. Tow behind motorcycle trailers provide a safe and simple solution for towing goods or items without compromising your comfort or ride quality. 


Dan Stockinger

Dan Stockinger

I just got a 1985 bushtec trailer and it has a 5 pin electrical connector? Why?
Can I get the wiring diagram for my trailer? The VIN is 1B9BT4105F0281307

Kevin Sinn

Kevin Sinn

Larry Quimby,
Did you get your situation resolved? If not, I’ll be happy to help you!
Thank You,
Kevin Sinn

Rodney Schaible

Rodney Schaible

Good Morning
I have a new 2021 Goldwing DCT Airbag …….Candy Ardent Red ……Im looking for a pull behind trailer ……….Im in Cincinnati I would travel to pick up …..can you also do hitch and wiring…

Larry Quimby

Larry Quimby

I came across a 1985 Bushtec trailer and I’m not sure how I go about getting it titled or license. I live in Missouri. And the trailer is in Iowa. Could someone help me out ? Or give me some advice.

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